Esphome ct clamp import/export

I’ve just set up the ct clamp sensor and everything seems to be working fine.

Is there any way to read negative currents? I’m wanting to use 2 clamps - one to read solar production (always positive or 0) and the other to measure if power is flowing into or out from the grid (could be positive or negative).

Looking at the raw voltages returned from the ADC when I turn on a test load they either go up or down depending on the direction of the clamp, however, esphome is always returning a positive reading.

Turns out I was I didn’t have enough data to make this work.

Esphome CT clamp sensor will only ever show a positive reading regardless of direction of flow.

In order to determine flow direction you need to compare to a reference voltage. Esphome cannot do this.

My solution was to not use the Esphome ct clamp sensor but to use the Emonlib library. With the reference voltage everything is working as expected. Accuracy is not great on the esp32 but it’s good enough for my needs.

Hi @ribbonofblack, can you please explain some more on how you compared this to a voltage and how you interfaced the ESP32 to a voltage.