ESPHome - Daly BMS using UART Guide

Hi, did you get a solution? I have the same problem with “asyncio.exceptions.Timeouterror” with my Daly BMS over bluetoth with a Raspi4. Made an issue on github at fl4p/batmon but did not get an answer yet

I got some ESP-8266 that look just like yours Creatura, but I can’t get any reading from the BMS.

When I flash the same settings to some older ESP’s I have everything works, but these newer ones I can look at the log and they startup and never get any data.

I can install GitHub - softwarecrash/DALY-BMS-to-MQTT: ESP8266 Connector to get Daly BMS Data into MQTT systems and get a reading but there’s no intergration for HA, any idea’s on why ESPHome can’t get anything?

Well done!
Did you manage to share the same UART with the Daly Bluetooth dongle?
You mention it in the introduction but I did not see how you did it.
I hope it is possible because it makes no sense to lose the Daly Bluetooth functionality.

iit possible to read Daly data using ESP32 and then send it via Can to Deye inverter using pylontech protocol
Same as these folk did for JK here?