ESPHome Deep Sleep with SDS011 in sleep mode

I build a simple humidity sensor with deep sleep. It works OK.
I build powered Dust sensor with SDS011, where SDS011 sensor sleeps for several minutes and then wakes , so sensor life is extended.
I need to build battery operated sensor combining the 2 - Battery operated sensor with Wemos D1, which sleeps for 15 minutes and after 15 min wakes the ESP8266, it wakes the SDS011 sensor, reads the sensor and sends MQTT, after this sleeps the SDS011 and finally sleeps the ESP8266 itself. I have it realized currently using Arduino IDE, but want to move it to ESPHome.
I have challenge that the default sleep mode for SDS011 seems to be putting the sensor in active reporting mode, which meas it wakes alone and reports the data to the micro-controller(Wemos D1 mini). But since the micro-controller is also asleep, it is impossible to sync both to have same sleep time.
Is there a way to extend the integration with SDS011, to use also report query mode and to actively wake and query the SDS011 from the ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini) ?