ESPhome dev environment "Android phone, no HA available" possible?

Hey everyone, I’ve looked around a bit, didn’t find an actual “this is how it works” resource, but maybe someone here has it working. Situation at hand: I want to do a bit of tinkering in our vacation, but don’t want to bring my laptop. Usually I develop on a windows10 laptop with the command line python version of esphome, either flashing via USB cable or wireless.
What I would like to do: use my Android phone (with a small bluetooth keyboard, WIFI available) for coding, compiling and ideally flashing via USB. I found a Python3 IDE (, but not sure if that does the trick, especially with additional libraries like pillow etc.
Of course with such a setup I cannot try out stuff around communication with the HA instance, but I can try out lambda stuff, play around with public REST endpoints, do small stuff with displays sensors etc.
Worst case I could even live without being able to flash something to an actual board, but “write code, save, try to compile, read the error messages, back to coding” is the minimum that would do the trick for me.

Anyone who has got a running setup like this?

Thanks in advance!

I am not aware of esphome running on android.

Just enjoy your vacation without tech :slight_smile:

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