ESPHome Device Not Staying Configured

I’m not sure a better way to describe this, but I set up a new device in ESPHome and every single time I have to reboot HomeAssistant, I have to add it in Integrations again. My other ESPHome devices are staying configured, and the new device is in ESPHome itself, but the device won’t stick in HA and I’m not sure what I can do about that.

The only thing I have noticed is that the old devices created folders under the ESPHome folder, while the new one only creates the YAML file, no folder.

Is there some incompatibility between older versions of ESPHome? I’m wondering if my other devices, which haven’t gotten an update in several months, are somehow jamming up the works because of a change that was supposed to occur.

My HA runs fine otherwise, and I have 225GB of free space on my SSD so I can’t imagine there’s some hardware issue causing problems, but this is super frustrating to have the device and entities just go away each reboot.

The home assistant config for esphome devices is in /config/.storage, one file per device named esphome.longhashnumber

Thanks Nick, it ended up being the Garbage Collection add-on was preventing anything from saving in HA due to a configuration issue, with that resolve it settled down ESPHome and it seems to be working normally again.

Never heard of it? Got a link?

Oh I have that. (It is not an addon. It is a custom component)

And it does not seem to interfere with my system in the way you describe. Worth a GitHub issue if you can document it.

Yes, a HACS custom component, I shortened it for brevity :slight_smile: . The error wasn’t the component, but rather the evolution from its first iterations when everything was done in YAML (including holiday calculations) that was absorbed into the config flow, but the date values didn’t translate and caused any attempt to save entities automatically to not save, thus revert upon reboot. So no Git issue required once I figured that out and just blew it away and reconfigured it.

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Glad you got it sorted.

Sorry to have been pedantic sounding, but addon and custom component have quite different meanings in HA :slight_smile: