Esphome device says "connected successfully!" & is sending sensor data - but appears completely offline in home assistang (no mqtt)

About 10 days ago my esphome device disappeared from home assistant - it always shows “not connected” - even though I can see only success messages in the esphome log.

Pushing new firmware works without problems, also I see only positive sensor data transmission log entries. But in Home assistant the device and all sensors appear as offline. I’m not using MQTT, only the native esphome/home assistant API.

Yesterday another device disappeared - so I really dont know whats going on (same results, all looks good - but offline in HA).

I also tried to remove the devices / entities completely and readd the integration (password question pops up, works fine, device appears and also sensors - but showing up as offline still?)

Has anyone an idea? I really dont know what to do anymore… :frowning: