ESPHome device shows offline but connected when I check my router

I said above that I use the SAME configuration…
let’s close the discussion, we seem to be getting nowhere.

Certainly not a sane one :joy:

Why not use the native esphome component for that hardware but include external libraries that just will getgot you in trouble on the long run :running_man:

PS.: @Virgil_Popa you are still in the wrong thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When I made this automation, I don’t think this component existed, that’s why I was using this “sane” option.

Thanks for the information.

P.S: As long as I found a solution, it means that I was in the right thread :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it just means it’s tolerated for people to post in the wrong place (like you certainly did) :teacher:

yes, looks like you have a problem with this…
I think I explained quite clearly why I posted here, I’m sorry to bother you, cheers!

I’ve been experiencing this issue consistently for several months. I can confirm that mDNS is working correctly, have set the “use ping” setting, most of my devices are still showing as “offline”.