ESPHome device update

I have multiple ESP-based devices, and one of them always shows up as needing a firmware update, even if the update actually worked normally. It shows a previous installed version, even if I installed the latest.


I deleted and re-created the device, but it’s always the same. Any idea?


In the ESPHome add-on page, it shows as NOT needing an update. It’s only in the notifications.

If you open the add-on what version does it show?

Like I said, it shows the latest, as of today:


And if you run your logs for that device from the dashboard what do you get?

I get what I already pasted above: the latest version.


Like I said, it’s only the notification that is the issue. Why does it notify me that is outdated while the firmware is in fact to the latest version?

Am I the only one with this issue?

I’ve seen this before when the device fails to update. The top line in the device log file only shows the version of ESPHome you have installed in Home Assistant, NOT the version on the device:

INFO ESPHome 2024.3.2

To see the version that been installed on the device you need to look further down on the log file for the debug entry:

[11:35:53][D][debug:079]: ESPHome version 2024.3.2
# Enable logging
  level: DEBUG

I recently had a device that was failing to update even though it looked like it succeeded, but kept getting those firmware update notices. I ended up needing to do a manual download and install it with a cable using

When I try to update it (although it is already updated), I get:

2024-04-19 09:25:03,054 INFO Running command 'esphome --dashboard compile /config/esphome/power-monitor-plug-heater-garage.yaml'
2024-04-19 09:25:13,269 INFO Process exited with return code 0
2024-04-19 09:25:13,278 INFO 101 GET /upload ( 1.28ms
2024-04-19 09:25:13,756 INFO Running command 'esphome --dashboard upload /config/esphome/power-monitor-plug-heater-garage.yaml --device'
2024-04-19 09:25:21,960 INFO Process exited with return code 0

What does that mean?