ESPHome device won't connect to WiFI after upgrading to 1.20.4

Hi @oxan, SUCCESS!

I flashed one of the Sonoff R2 V1.0 units with the new ESPHome 2021.8.0, with the debug level set to default (I commented out the level: INFO line). The device now boots normally, connects to WiFI, and returns the usual level of log information that you would expect OTA.

I am seriously relieved because honestly, I didn’t want to dig it out of the wall. It’s doable but it’s always a pain.

A few posts ago, you said you significantly reduced the size of the binary. Do you think this lends credence to the idea that the theory about amount of memory is what is causing this?

Anyway, thank you for your continued work on this problem, and again, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you. My elderly mother has just been diagnosed with dementia, and I had to take a road trip to go sort some things out for her, which took time.


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You’re wifi block fixed in on my 8285 (ESP0Mx DevKIt

Thank you

I should have searched for this earlier! I have several Magic Home units flashed with esphome and all working fine except one, I was tearing my hair out thinking it was a wi-fi issue or board issue. Thank you all!

I also had some problems with a sonoff basic connection to wifi

It turns out this is working:

    number: GPIO13
    inverted: yes

And this is not working:

  - platform: status_led
    name: "Switch state"
      number: GPIO13
      inverted: yes

I’ve found that you can flash just about any firmware on an old Sonoff (including logger, CP, etc.) I first flash with Tasmota (basic), and then OTA with a downloaded Esphome firmware.

Hopefully this helps someone. I was having issues reconnecting after using the addon UI. After a lot of debugging, I realized that secrets.yaml on my HA machine was out of sync with what I have locally (since I don’t check it in to git). My ESP devices were trying to connect to a network that didn’t exist.

Worked for me too, thought my Sonoff Basic was dead but… its back as a result! Many thanks :smiley:

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