ESPHome devices can't see Unifi AP

Hi, I have configured couple of ESPHome devices to work with my main Unifi AP device.
They worked for some time while I upgraded something- can’t remember any more if it happened during HA upgrades or Unifi firmware upgrade. Anyway all ESPHome devices fell back to the Failsafe AP mode.
While connecting to ESPHome devices in Failsafe mode I can’t see my main Unifi AP SSID in any of the devices. All other networks SSIDs are available. I do have an integrated/joint SSID name for both 2.4 and 5GHz networks, but it was the same way when it last worked as well. Any ideas?

I have not had time to investigate but I too seem to be having issues with ESP32 boards not wanting to stay online. I have 4 Unifi APs and one is 1m from an ESP32 that keeps going offline.

I use home assistant and the esphome add-on so we are the same. I have never had an issue and have unifi AP everywhere with dream machine pro. all latest firmware. I have many ESP32 devices.

I would make sure your SSID and password is correct on the ESP device. If it fell back to failsafe it is because it’s not connected to your network. If you connect in failsafe mode your connected only to the ESP home device. Reset your SSID username and password on the ESP device, then reconnect to your local network. They should connect.

see how you go

It was unifi AP fault.
After AP reset I was able to see missing SSIDs again.