ESPhome Devices View Half Show Offline

The latest update now half the ESPhome devices show offline but are working fine and I cant view the LOGS monitor just fine.

Try reloading the integration for the ESPs that are not responding:

Brilliant Bar Fridge - has that reached the projects page?

Ha no. It’s just an Officeworks / Brilliant power monitoring plug. The template is somewhere in the Aus certified mains equipment topic. Though I believe the plug design has changed now and they are no longer flashable by Tuya convert.

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That did not seem to work. Around half of my 61 devices show Offline. :frowning:

Try restoring the addon backup you made when upgrading esphome. It’s a partial backup that will only change the addon to the previous version.

The update was to Home Assistant 2022.4.3 . Did 2022.4.3 have a esphome update? If so I don’t see the method to downgrade just esphome.
I am stuck with 2022.4.3 because I’ve done a ton of work in other places since the update :frowning:

When you post this:

In the esphome section I’m going to assume you are talking about the esphome addon, not the core version.

Sorry I meant this.

I am noticing that the esphome webview page is not attempting to refresh anymore also.

Esphome versions are independent of HA versions.

Silly novice suggestion here. Have you cleared your browser cache, and this will sound odd, but try rebooting your router. Either suggestion can’t hurt.

Thanks for the suggestion stevemann. I’m running core-2022.4.5 now and for me on pc to android to apple devices now all esp devices show offline(but run fine).
Am I missing a update to ESPhome? I have ESPHome (2021.12.1)

Your mdns is broken.

Not my mdns… 2022.3.7 works. I didn’t see any breaking changes for mdns… I’ll just live with it.

I’m sadder about the missing history on reboots :frowning:

If no one else has these issues then I’m sure it’s up to me to figure it out. Thanks guys.

Seems to be fixed in latest versions 2022.4.7 and up.

ESPhome Devices shown offline. nickrout was correct.



Your mdns is broken.

After cycling the power on my 2 ubiquiti ap wifi 6 routers. ESPhome devices all show the correct status. It also could be from updating to 2022.5.0