ESPHome displaying HA cards?

I’m thinking to build a device with an ESP32 and 1.3inch TFT, and use it to display simple HA cards, more or less like HA companion app does in Wear OS.

Of course I was thinking in having a set of simple cards to use for this device…

The HA companion app seems to be built for Android so trying to adapt it to ESP32 doesn’t look like a great idea.

Do you think it would be feasible to use ESPHome to do this?
Anyone knows if the HA infrastructure to do this already exists in HA?

Thanks in advance,

Openhasp does this, see openHASP

However you have to write your own “cards”, but there are good examples.

Also 1.3" - not much good, but you can go up to about 4" with the supported screens.

Thank you very much for your quick answer!!

It seems what I was looking for! I’ll definitely take a look!