ESPHome - ESP32 + Xiaomi lywsd03mmc

At the outset, sorry for my English, I’m learning it but I’m at the beginning of this adventure :slight_smile:
I have a problem reading data from Xiaomi lywsd03mmc thermometers. For this purpose, I used ESP32, which is to read data via Bluetooth and communicate with the Home Assistant. The problem is the VERY slow reading from the thermometers. Sometimes it is once every three minutes, sometimes 50 minutes.
I have two lywsd03mmc. Usually it collects only the temperature from one of them, after a few minutes it collects the moisture from the other, and then again collects another sample after some time, etc.
Is the problem with WiFi enabled in ESP32 and it has a problem with Bluetooth communication? The distance between the devices doesn’t really matter. The same is true for thermometers 1 meter or 5 meters away.
I also used the program:
to check if my ESP32 is broken. Conclusions:

  1. Reading is hassle free and immediate.
  2. No bindkey is needed.
    Please help me with the configuration in ESPHome or the optional troubleshooting options.


As I understand it the collection time in esphome is governed by the lywsd03mmc. When the ziaomi device reports something, esphome reads it and reports it.

Perhaps the temp and humidity is not changing very oftrn?

This is definitely not it. In an earlier post, I provided a link. With this program and the xiaomi program on the phone, the readings are instant.

I use openmqttgateway to get my lywsd03mmc readings in HA. No delay, and after flashing them with atc firmware, a serious better battery life.

Do you have a tutorial or can you write how to upload the program to ESP32?

Where is that post? AFAICT you only posted three things and they are all to this thread.

I wrote in the first post:

I connected thermometers via openmqttgateway, and uploaded atc to lywsd03mmc. The effect is amazing! Thanks for solving my problem,
Best wishes :slight_smile: