Esphome, esp8266 + ili9341

I am trying to use a ESP8266 + ILI9341 in a ESPHome project.
The problem is that as soon as I include the ILI9341 in the code, (display: -platform: ili9341), and reboots, it no longer connects to WiFi.

If I connect a ESP32 instead & run the same code, everything works just fine…

Has anyone succeded using ESP8266 & ILI9341 ???

Just the docs which say

it is better suited for use with the ESP32.

Yes i have also read the statement saying “it is better suited for esp32”, but does that mean that it is NOT IMPLEMENTED for esp8266, or does it mean that the performance is better with ESP32 ??

I have several projects running with ESP8266 & ILI9341 ( not ESPhome projects), and they are all running fine witch graphic images, fast moving objects etc. so it should not be any problem to use this combination in ESPHome…

So anybody who has a successful combination of ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini & ILI9341) in ESPHome, please let me know…

I have ILI9341 with Wemos D1 in 3D printed case with code I made few years ago and wanted to modify it to use ESPhome but I have same problem as you. I see in console that it reboots few times rapidly and then starts connecting to WIFI but never gets there.

The esp8266 is pretty constrained for resources. I think adding this screen may be too much for it.

I also think that creating your own c/c++ code for it with the arduino UI is likely to be more efficient than the overhead that is inherent in something like esphome.

TL;DR - get an esp32