Hello everyone and :+1: in advance to those who will bring water to my mill.
I am currently tinkering with a Hoverboard and after modifying the firmware according to the excellent work of Emmanuel FERU, I want to drive the hacked motherboard via a serial link.

The goal is to make a small robot connected to EspHome and piloted by Home Assistant.
A little delirium wandering around the house or the garden but I don’t know yet what its spots would be… :rofl:
A lawn mower maybe…
In short, to do so, it is necessary to send the command below from EspHome (ESP32) via UART :

So here are my questions :
How to transpose this Arduino code to EspHome ?
Via a Custum_Component or can we do it directly in Lambda from YAML ?
This project seems nice to me and we can get started with others.
Sorry but my English is really bad so Google is my friend… :yum:
All ideas are good to take. See you soon…
Bruno from Toulouse

Have you looked at custom uart device in esphome. You can use audrino code.

I have watched, read and tested very carefully but to no avail yet…
Thanks a lot.

Did you do more work on this? I would love to hear/see your progress. Thanks,

This project is exciting.
Where is its development?
Does this work correctly?