ESPHome Ethernet connectivity feature request

You may indeed be right. I haven’t actually tried either of them.

I know I’m a tad late but you may want to look into the Envisalink 4. Has Home Assistant support and connects to your existing alarm board. Connects to your local network via ethernet. They also offer a professional monitoring service but I stuck with my alarm company service since they offer fire as well.

Also, Home Assistant connects locally, you don’t have to use any cloud services. I ended up using the EVL-4 because I liked, except I didn’t like the Wifi requirement of the ESP8266 and doesn’t make use of the 3 alarm keypads in my home.

This board is not supported now in ESPHOME ?

I bought 10 pieces of this module to change ethernet.

but I can’t find who succeed this module.

I wish this ethernet module can be supported.

I always grateful to developers
and nickrout like you esphome enthusiasts.

thx for your information

It supports specific boards

but I want to integrate my normal esp32 board

I wait for someday it can be supported.

I always thx for your reply

No it appears to support the chipset in your board. It should work I think.

I want to make it but I have no idea with that…

If you have some clue or yaml file I want to make it without waiting.

Can you share me some codes, if you have some experience ?

anyway, thx for you reply with hope.

I would start by connecting the pins to your esp32. The pins are marked on the ethernet board by the look of it.

Then there is sample yaml and there is also documentation in the esphome page I have pointed you to.

I would not be sure what to do about clk_mode, but there is full documentation for the device on the waveshare site. I would start with the default.Just give it a go. Even if you blow up an esp32 and one of the lan board, it won’t break the bank!

Hi, could you better explain the difference of the gavanic currents between Wesp32 and olimex? I did not understand what danger I could run.

Hi, could you explain why you should not connect usb and wthernet POE. What effect does the galvanic current create and what is the difference with the WESP 32? Thanks

From what I understand (I haven’t tried it) this could damage your laptop/PC as you are giving it 48v.

48v? How do you connect 48 volts? On the usb port, ethernet or on the pins? What could be the situation to send 48 on this card?

48v would be from poe.

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I see Olimex has a galvanicly isolated version now.

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Hi, I have also purchased an olimex esp32POE. It works great. The only thing is that I can’t give POE power. I currently own a passive POE with adapter and send 5v into olimex via the ethernet cable. What may need to be done? The poe perhaps needs to be enabled in the code. Currently my code is:

ethernet :
  type : LAN8720 
  mdc_pin : GPIO23 
  mdio_pin : GPIO18 
  clk_mode : GPIO17_OUT 
  phy_addr : 0
  power_pin : GPIO12

Thank you!!!

Passive PoE won’t work.

You need PoE with 48V following the PoE af or at specifications.

Any progress? I want to Make same thing

Well just make it then!

I did once without success so I figured that I missed something

No one can help you until you showed us what you did, what the result was and the config you used and the output of your logs.

You think we all have crystal balls?