ESPHome Flashed RF Bridge Codes

I wanted to implement a low battery alert for my GS-WDS07 sensors which transmit via 433MHz to my ESPHome flashed Sonoff RF Bridge.

After searching around I could only find codes for a Tasmota flashed RF Bridge. So after grabbing the three (of four possible) codes from one of my senors, I simply added the below ending for the state I was interested in to the first 20 unique numbers from each sensor.

State Ending
ON 1110
OFF 1010

Hopefully this helps and saves someone a bit of time when settings up these sensors in combination with ESPHome.


I am having trouble capturing codes from these devices.
I am happily running DIGOO door sensors with ESPHOME (rc_switch dumping) but these (tested 2) seems to not transmit anything.

Blue light is turning on but…can’t see any signal.
Can you please let me know which esphome settings in remote_receiver component are you using and if rc_switch is the protocol I should use?