ESPHome Gas consumption not working anymore - demagnetized?

So it’s a bit weird, but my gas consumption messuring isn’t working anymore. I’m using ESPHome with a reed sensor. I “taped” the sensor to a BK-G6M gas meter.

It works perfect for month until two weeks ago. I checked the wiring and everything, but I cant find anything wrong. If I test the reed sensor with a little magnet, it counts as expected.

Does anyone using these kind of messurement noticed this behavior? Does the magnet on the last digit of the gas meter demagnetize over time? You can buy messuring tools from the manufacturer as well, using the same reed sensor magnet technology, but costs a lot.

Help really appreciated.


Maybe you already checked this, but are you sure the gas meter is still fully functioning and the counter is indeed rotating? Or maybe there’s a new strong magnetic field introduced near the sensor? I would consider it unlikely it demagnetized. Or maybe the reed switch is somehow less sensitive, and only responds to heavier magnets? A potential building up on the contacts, so they repel each other?

Yes it’s rotating. I tried to position the sensor directly on the glas, nearest to the magnet, but it doesn’t recognize the rotation also.

I think I try to change the reed switch. Good point! It’s as usual the cheap stuff from aliexpress. Maybe there is some kind of potential equalization.