ESPHome - How do you measure signal strength of multiple APs?

Is there a way to get ESPHome to scan the WIFI signal strength of multiple APs (2 or 3) all broadcasting the same SSID, and periodically send that data back with each APs MAC address? I’m guessing this would need to be a custom component or template.

e.g. I want to make a wireless site survey easier by using a bunch of ESP8266s spread around the house to measure the signal strength of each AP.

I was thinking something along the lines of the ESPHome Connecting to Multiple Networks option using the BSSID of each AP and the wifi_signal sensor. But that would make the ESP8266 connect to the strongest AP and report only that APs signal strength.

Yes :white_check_mark:

Did this couple of years ago with esphome without custom component but only with a little lambda if I remember right. Need to search my archive if I find a correct yaml I let you know and post it here :point_down:

Thanks Orange-Assistant. Did you have any luck finding the YAML?
Did you use the AT+CWLAP command somehow, or take a different approach? I’ve also been reading that it’s likely I’ll need the ESP8266 to disconnect from the main network to read the RSSI from other APs, and then reconnect to send the data. I’m not sure if that’s true yet because I’m still trying to figure out how to do this.