ESPHome Integration for New Device not showing up

Hey All,

Just flashed a new device with a few relays but its not showing up in the integrations window. I cant seem to find anything in the logs. I added an extra template switch just to see if that would force it to show up but nothing. The only thing i recently enabled was Mosquitto MQTT but I dont think that should have broken this? I see in the documentation there used to be a manual way to add the address.local but I cant find that either. Help is appreciated!


I managed to configure it manually, pretty odd issue it didnt show up automagically but I can live with it.

It can take while to show up. The docs say it can take up to 5 minutes, but it can be longer.

Same here. Devices are not added automatically. I waited for hours. They are visible in the ESPHome addon though.

Well just add them manually.

I just added a new component with 118 and it showed up like normal, maybe something weird was going on with the previous 117.x release