ESPhome Integration had multiple devices. How?

Some time in the past I configured a nodemcu device by adding an ESPhome Integration. That was done by supplying an IP and a password. Voila! One device and a binary_sensor entity were added. Today I noticed that the binary_sensor was unavailable. I rummaged around and eventually looked at the ESPhome integrations. I found that the integration for the particular nodemcu now had multiple devices. I further found that other integrations also had multiple devices, and some included the nodemcu device in question. I cleaned up the integrations (deleted and recreated). Now the binary_sensor (and who knows what else) is again working. But, how does this come to pass (that ESPhome integrations acquire additional and conflicting devices over time)?

Usually that only happens when the device is removed but the entities aren’t. Then when the device is added back the duplicate entities are created.

I have some ESPHome devices that are 2-3 years old. None have duplicate entity ids.

Not talking about duplicate entities. Talking about additional devices showing up (including more entities) that don’t belong in an integration.

Having the same issue.

Look at “water softener” and it has multiple integrations.

When I click on it, I get this:

Notice all the info on “Device Info”

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Hi, same problem here. Any reason/solution?

Delete the specific integration ( and any duplicates) and reintegrate again

In the future it shouldn’t be possible anymore to have one esphome integration with more than one device :point_down:

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