ESPHome integration not updating devices

The ESPHome add on (in the left menu) is correctly showing my devices (several D1 minis), logs show the expected sensors are returning useful data.
But in HA > Settings > Devices & Services > Integrations > ESPHome, the list of devices is not updating

  • when i delete a device in the Add On, i can still see it here
  • when i reconfigure a device in the Add On, the integration here does not show the new sensors
  • i’m able to add new devices ok

How can I tell HA to refresh its ESPHome config from the ESPHome addon?
I’ve tried rebooting the raspberry pi, stopping and restarting the ESPHome add on, updating everything to the latest version. What I want is a button or command to tell HA to ask the addon for its latest configuration…

Possible clue: in the system logs i see

  • Platform esphome does not generate unique IDs. ID dallas-c06cf0d31864ff28 already exists - ignoring sensor.temp_one
  • Platform esphome does not generate unique IDs. ID dallas-9ad4f6d31864ff28 already exists - ignoring sensor.temp_two
  • Platform esphome does not generate unique IDs. ID dallas-6da0f1d31864ff28 already exists - ignoring sensor.temp_three

When I search in Entities, I can’t see these sensors to delete them. They are from a previous version of the yaml file for a device and were renamed. Somehow HA hasn’t figured out that they were renamed in ESPHome. I can see a sensor.temp_four which is receiving data correctly, but this was also renamed…


I’m not sure why you’re getting the errors but it might help to know that:

The add-on is a way to easily install the esphome application which is used to configure esphome devices. This application could be installed in other ways and doesn’t directly communicate with home assistant.

The integration doesn’t communicate with the add-on it communicates directly with the devices. You have to manually add (they might get auto-detected but you still need to add them), and manually remove them from the integration.

Once they are added, any changes should show up automatically, but this is via the device updating HA, not the add-on.

Can you remove the affected device from the integration, and then try to re-add it? If it doesn’t auto-discover you’ll need to do add integration - esphome and enter devicename.local for the hostname.

thanks for the quick reply. That helped a lot: i understand better now how it works…

I deleted the device from HA. Within a few seconds it was auto detected, so i re-added it. It still had the old sensor names, so i deleted those, then deleted the device again so it could re-discover all its sensors.
I also found a -disabled- esphome device that i thought i’d deleted, so i deleted that too. This is the one with the duplicate dallas ids.
Waited a few minutes and autodiscovery ran again. I re-added the first device and it all works.
Thanks so much for the help.


Any future users stumbling here, the dallas sensors are indexed in home assistant by their ID, so if you have an old device that had the sensors on it (if you moved the sensors, physically from one esphome device to another) home assistant will still see them on the old device, but they won’t work.

Removing the old device and then “reload” on the integration for the running device and they all should appear (worked for me :slight_smile: )

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