ESPHome intregration "rediscovered" since 0.105

Not sure if that is the right place to report but I have a strange behaviour with my ESPHome integration since HA 0.105

I get a notification that HA has discovered new devices and when I go to the integration section it shows some ESPHome devices that are already listed. The only way to get rid of the notification is to configure them and then delete the redundant one.

Once this is done it seems fine until the next update of HA. I had the issue when I updated to 0.105.1 and again when I updated to 0.105.3

Edit: It seems that restarting HA right after the update also clears the “new” discovery.

Is there any log/printout I should be looking for, if it happens again?

I have to same experience: Have about 15 ESPHome devices en after recent updates (current 0.109.4) there were a two ESPHome devices which asked for integration, but were already integrated en see-able in the list.
After a reset (after the update) they disappeared.