ESPHome, Konnected, Matter

I have an old wired alarm system (NX-8e) with no ability to get the master code, so it is basically bricked. I just started learning about Konnected boards and then ESPHome. I’m also building out a Home Assistant install after using HomeKit for several years. I’m an Apple ecosystem guy so want to ensure I maintain future compatibility where possible, although I don’t mind building something out with HA to fill all the gaps currently in HomeKit. I am assuming that future-proofing involves Matter.

After doing some research, I think the ESP32 chipset is ‘potentially’ Matter compatible, but the ESP8266 is not. Is that correct? I also understand that the Konnected Pro board uses the ESP32 chips; whereas, their standard board uses the ESP8266. Is this all correct? If so, should I go with the Konnected Pro board? Anything I am missing?

No, you don’t need anything matter for this.
I’m not even sure that matter right now supports alarm systems.

Konnected (any variant) will do the job just fine, it connects to WiFi. It does not rely on the internet or any cloud. That makes it future proof.