Esphome - ld2420 - After Update ESPHOME - 2023.10.6

After updating the ESPHOME Version, to 2023.10.6
my LD2420 Sensor configuration started to show an error when validating the configuration. What is preventing future updates.

Can you help me.

This is error reported

ld2420: [source /config/esphome/hlk-ld2420-b.yaml:57]

[presence_time_window] is an invalid option for [0]. Please check the indentation.
presence_time_window: 20s


If you haven’t made any changes to the file between builds then the build folder may just need to be cleaned. I’ve had experiences where a new esphome version fails but then works after a clean.

ESPHome → your sensor → … → Clean Build Files

Anyone care to share a simple and functioning yaml file for LD2420 running on a basic ESP32, and how the pins are connected :sunglasses:
Yes I’ve read the esphome page for the sensor. No it’s not relatable for a novice. Yes, I’ve googled it.

:v:t3: Peace

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