ESPHOME logger affects Wifi connection?

I do like ESPHOME things

I have 40 iot things in my router.

but recently, I got a error message which is constanly reconnect

so I changed logger baudrate : 0 and level: None

Before reconnect per 5minutes, After reconnect per 10minutes

I think it affects wifi connection.

Anyone who have same issue with me ?

and who have the solution to make it ?

What does the RSSI component tell you?

this is is the message per 5 miniutes in my ESPHOME nodes.

This is a known issue in 1.14.0-1.14.3. I have not personally experienced it, but I remember reading about it while researching my own problems with the current build. If I recall correctly, there are 2 current workarounds.

One is, to remove the logger from your yaml. The other is to roll back to 1.13.6.

thx for your information.

I wish it will be modified some day.