ESPHome make HA disconnect

Hi, does someone have the same problem as mine?
When I write a new program for my ESP32 in ESPHome and try to update via wifi, most of the time make it fails to compile the script and make the whole dashboard disconnect for like 10-20 seconds.
I have HA running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it’s powered with a 5v 3A brick.
The raspberry is connected to my router via ethernet and the ESP32 is on the wifi of the same router.
P.S. if I connect the ESP on the USB of the raspby it will complete the installation on the first try.

No logs = no issue.

Please check forum for similar questions before asking again and again for same problems already answered !!

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I’m sorry, i found out that when the Raspberry is compiling the charger don’t stand a chance and drop the current.
Replaced the charger and now all works fine.