ESPHome, Martin jerry dimmer [solved]

I recently did a Tuya convert on a MJ SD01 dimmer, that worked fairly well but i was struggling with the Home assistant integration so instead i loaded it with ESPHome firmware that was created by mjoshd. previous discussion when I found the code linked Martin Jerry / Tessan Dimmer Automation Help [SOLVED]

it shows up fine in HA, the light turn on and off but the dimming doesn’t work, the LED’s on the switch functions correctly and indicates that the set dimming the actual bulb does not change.The dimming worked when I had Tasmota on it.
anyone have any good ideas on how to troubleshoot/Solve this?

Had the same problem when switching from Tasmota. Reset the switch by pushing the small button at the bottom of the main on/off button.

I couldn’t make it reset with the button but after power cycle the switch it’s now working as it should.
Thank you