ESPHome Neopixel fade in and fade out

Hi all,

I have the following challenge which I cannot seem to figure out myself;
I have NEOPixels underneath my staircase and currently I am using an Arduino with my own C++ code on it, works perfectly but everything is hard-coded. Which is why I am looking into ESPhome - this should make it easier to change the color of the neopixels for example.

Anyway, I want to do a “fade in” and “fade out” of the color of my choosing. The problem I am running into is that no matter what I try the fade-in is always FAST (<1s). Since I couldn’t do it using the default YAML options I tried to create a Lambda (as you can do anything).

First the light object:

  - platform: fastled_clockless
    chipset: NEOPIXEL
    pin: GPIO4
    #num_leds: 384
    num_leds: 60
    name: "Staircase"
    id: light1
    default_transition_length: 1s

This is the lambda effect I created:

      - addressable_lambda:
          name: Fade-lambda
          update_interval: 32ms
          lambda: |-
            static boolean initialized;
            static ESPColor staircase_colors [60];
            //first run, all too black
            if (initialized == false) {
              std::fill_n(staircase_colors, it.size(), ESPColor::BLACK);
              initialized = true;
            int color_red=255;
            int color_green=0;
            int color_blue=255;

            // fade in old colors
            for (int i = 0; i < it.size(); i++) {
              ESPColor old_color = staircase_colors[i];
              // fade in color
              int amount = 5;
              int red =;
              int green =;
              int blue =;
              int white = old_color.white;
              if (red < color_red) { red += amount; } else { red = color_red; }
              if (green < color_green) { green += amount; } else { green = color_green; }
              if (blue < color_blue) { blue += amount; } else { blue = color_blue; }
              ESPColor new_color = ESPColor(red, green, blue, 0);
              staircase_colors[i] = new_color;
              //ESP_LOGD("custom", "RGB value: %i %i %i", red, green, blue);

            // apply colors to light
            for (int i = 0; i < it.size(); i++) {
              it[i] = staircase_colors[i];

and a script calling this effect:

  - id: script_test
      - light.turn_on:
          id: light1
          brightness: 25%
          red: 0
          blue: 0
          green: 0
          effect: Fade-lambda

Even with the usleep of 2000 ms , this finishes in < 1sec and the fade in is completed… I am running out of ideas how to either slow it down or how to do this in default YAML (which I prefer)…

Is there anyone who has something similar? Or am I running into the limitations of ESPHome?

I’m running into an identical problem… I really wish there was a way to specify two color/brightness settings and just fade between the two over a specified time period.