Esphome nodes as mesh routers

I have seen a video in which it shows that we can use our existing esp8266 or esp32 nodes as mesh network routers in repeater mode,

I want to ask esphome developers if it is possible to integrate this function with our existing esphome nodes ?

That will be very useful as we are using lots of nodes in our home and many routers are also being used saperately yet there are many area where there is low signal .


Good idea! I saw this video too, hope it will be implemented on esphome

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Is there any chance this is still being considered?

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What would be the exact use case for this?

My first reflex is: mesh the WiFi network, so all ESPs can run on top of a good network. That also prevents the need for an extra mesh router device in the network.

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I am also waiting for it.

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I don’t. Or do I?

The esp’s only support nat routing/repeating afaik so their is (almost?) no practical use case for this as nodes/devices are not individual addressable after a “esp repeater”.

Actually a proper WiFi access point/repeater which is designed for networking only costs around 2-3 esp’s (is this a currency now?). Literally their is no reason to not rely on a proper network equipment.

I kind of doubt it. Did someone (@bpmittal, @RD2 , @ddcash) even bothered to open a feature request in the esphome github?

Take a look here My ESP-NOW integration library - enable direct communication between your esphome devices even without wifi router

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I didn’t even know this could done! Amazing!

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rather than using the “abandoned” integration linked by @nickrout I would suggest a more recent integration of esp-now for esphome

There is also a pending pr to include this into esphome, docs for the pr can be found here

And just for the record: esp-now doesn’t have to do anything wifi repeating :warning:

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That is mentioned in the link I sent :slight_smile:

I have esphome wall switches and rgbw bulbs programmed with esphome also. It would be cool to allow control of other esphome devices without home assistant as the middle man.

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