Esphome nodes online but entities show unavailable

Recently I’m have the same few node entities go unavailable. Esphome shows its online, esphome logs show data from the entities. For example in HA a PIR motion sensor shows unavailable. If I look at the esphome node logs it shows the pir state changes in real time. It’s happening with dht sensors, pir, reed sensors and its happening on the same 3 nodes over and over. The only way I’m able to get it working is to delete the node and then re add it in esphome. It works for a while and then goes back unavailable.

I’m having this same problem with ESPhome and Tasmota devices. I can power my whole house down and they work normally for a few hours and one by one start to become unavailable. I cannot find the problem.

Mine randomly quit doing it now. I’m not sure wth was going on but it was only 3-4 nodes. Sometimes it would last an hour before going unavailable and other tines maybe a day. I havnt lost any for a few days now thankfully.