ESPhome not connect to internet

Hi experts,

I using ESPHOME running at windows with python. All the way around, it works perfectly. But recently, it suddenly has such an error.

For an existing project, it doesn’t need to connect the internet to check for ESPAsyncTCP and still ok to work. But no way for new projects, even I copy the same configuration file and folders.

I see in there forum, there are some discussion about it, but it is for platformer, not for python under windows.

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Zhou Xuecheng

Z:\Study\Arduino\ESPHOME\esphome>esphome esp8266_mr_hub_3.yaml run
e[32mINFO Reading configuration…e[0m
e[32mINFO Generating C++ source…e[0m
e[32mINFO Core config or version changed, cleaning build files…e[0m
e[32mINFO Compiling app…e[0m
e[32mINFO Running: platformio run -d esp8266_mr_hub_3e[0m

Obsolete PIO Core v4.0.3 is used (previous was 4.1.0)
Please remove multiple PIO Cores from a system:

Processing esp8266_mr_hub_3 (board: nodemcuv2; framework: arduino; platform: [email protected])

Verbose mode can be enabled via -v, --verbose option
PLATFORM: Espressif 8266 1.8.0 > NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module)
HARDWARE: ESP8266 80MHz, 80KB RAM, 4MB Flash
PACKAGES: toolchain-xtensa 1.40802.0 (4.8.2), framework-arduinoespressif8266 2.20402.4 (2.4.2), tool-esptool 1.413.0 (4.13)
LDF: Library Dependency Finder ->
LDF Modes: Finder ~ chain, Compatibility ~ soft
Looking for ESPAsyncTCP library in registry
Warning! You are not connected to the Internet.
If you build a project first time, we need Internet connection to install all dependencies and toolchains.
Looking for Update library in registry
Warning! You are not connected to the Internet.
If you build a project first time, we need Internet connection to install all dependencies and toolchains.
Found 26 compatible libraries
Scanning dependencies…
Dependency Graph
|-- 1.0
| |-- 1.0
Compiling .pioenvs\esp8266_mr_hub_3\src\esphome\components\api\api_message.cpp.o
Compiling .pioenvs\esp8266_mr_hub_3\src\esphome\components\api\api_server.cpp.o
Compiling .pioenvs\esp8266_mr_hub_3\src\esphome\components\api\basic_messages.cpp.o
Compiling .pioenvs\esp8266_mr_hub_3\src\esphome\components\api\command_messages.cpp.o
In file included from src\esphome\components\api\api_server.cpp:3:0:
src\esphome\components\api\api_server.h:21:25: fatal error: ESPAsyncTCP.h: No such file or directory

#include <ESPAsyncTCP.h>
compilation terminated.
*** [.pioenvs\esp8266_mr_hub_3\src\esphome\components\api\api_server.cpp.o] Error 1
============================================== [FAILED] Took 8.53 seconds ==============================================

Which release of ESPHome are you using?

You need to upgrade PIO Core as the release 4.0.3 is no more supported.

Try this:

pip uninstall platformio
pip install platformio
rm -rf .esphome builddirformyyaml

Or follow the link given in your logs:

So if im understanding correctly would the command listed by makai work in ubuntu?I don’t see any updates unless available for the esphome addon. Can I manually push an update via the command line on my ubuntu machine?

pip uninstall platformio
pip install platformio
rm -rf .esphome builddirformyyaml

I have been reading the forums and am not confident in the info i have read. Here is my setup and the error messages i have received.

Home Assistant 0.111.4

docker_version 19.03.5
hassio true
host_os Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS

esphome log file is reporting the following. No update from the addon that I see.

Add-on version: 1.13.6
There is an update available for this add-on!
Latest add-on version: null
Please consider upgrading as soon as possible.
System: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (amd64 / qemux86-64)
Home Assistant version: 0.111.3
Supervisor version: 227

Latest ESPHome release is 1.14.4 and it has a fix for your issue. So you have 2 choices: upgrade ESPHome or keep 1.13.6 and update PlatformIO (may not work)

I would go with the first choice, upgrade ESPHome

Thank you. When I look at ESPHome under the dashboard no updates show available. Looking under the Add-on store ESPHome does not even show up. Do I have a bigger underlying issue if no updates are showing. Should I uninstall and re-install ESPHome. If I go with the uninstall/re-install route any tips on making sure what I need from ESP home is backed up.

You don’t have ESPHome in the addon store? Then you just need to add the repository again and you should be good.

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Everything you need for ESPHome is in the config/esphome folder. So you can remove the addon, reinstall it or move to dev release, until you have your ESPHome config in this folder it will be OK.

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Thank you! Re-installed the ESPHome repository, updated and all is good. I dont know why the repository would have disappeared/uninstalled. Perhaps I missed a comment in the breaking changes update on one of the version releases. Appreciate your patience with this silly Q.

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Hi Makai,

Thanks very much. It works. Exactly, my PIO core was 4.0.3. After upgrading it is ok now.

Thanks & regards,
Zhou Xuecheng

just to say thank you … following this thread solved my problem :slight_smile: