ESPHome plugin keyboard shortcuts

I’m searching, but nothing is found… what are keyboard shourtcurs in ESPHome plugin?
The reason i’m asking is because i just discovered a very usefull shortcut: how to comment a block of lines. Say i want to test something and i comment out a certain sensor to remove it temporarily. So far i have to comment line by line, but you can:

  • select text
  • press CTRL + /

and whole block is commented.

So, any other usefull shortcuts?

Yeah that one is common to a lot of editors.

Select a block of text and press Tab. Then try Shift+Tab

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Aha… another usefull shortcut, thanks!
I’m not a software programmer, so i don’t know these common shortcuts other than very basic ones. So, i guess that it’ wouldn’t hurt if there were some kind of list available…

Any clue why ctrl + / stopped working for me in EPSHOME YAML?
shift+tab for indenting still works and ctrl + / still works in the file editor for the Home Assistant YAML files…
I’d liek to fix this somehow :-s