ESPHome problems with devices

Hi all,

I have a problem with ESPHome and I can’t figure it out.
My problem(s): I see a device in the list of devices in section configuration → devices but in the ESPHome section it is not listed. Also I can’t find it in the File Explorer.
The strange thing is that all sensors work well. (DHT22 - BH1750- Dallas - BMP180)
Also I cant find ESPHome in my Windows Explorer where I made a shortcut to my HA. I have tried to reinstall this device trough configuration → integration → esphome same result. Sensors work fine but no yaml file in file explorer.

Core 2021.11.4
Docker: true
Python version 3.9.7
Operating family: Linux (on VM-ware)
Operating system version: 5.10.75
ESPHome version: 2021.11.1

I searched this forum but couldn’t find any solution.
Maybe you can help me out. If you need additional information or screenshots, please let me know.


You can easily click on the device you “see” and look what entities belong to it and to which integration it belongs.

The same vice versa. Check the entity and to which device/integration it belongs.

That’s a common misunderstanding. Once you used the yaml to flash a esp it’s not necessary for the esphome device to work. If you want to change the configuration on the esphome node again you want to change your yaml - if you lost it (and don’t have backups) you need to start from scretch.

If you don’t need to change things the esphome node will work with home assistant just fine without any problems.

@orange-assistant thanks for your reply.
I’ve looked at it, now see which integration the device belongs to, but don’t see a yaml file of that. Would like to make changes.

Didn’t you create the device yourself - if so where? Did you backup your yaml (it’s essentially just a text document)?

I did create it myself, in ESPHome integration. I have a backup but can I put it straight into the ESPHome folder trough File Editor.

Second question, why is the folder gone in Windows Explorer of the entire ESPHome?

You should be able doing this, yes. Maybe a restart of the esphome addon is necessary that it can see the new file

Alternative is to create a new yaml in the esphome dashboard (using the same name like the old one) and than just copy the content of your yaml into the esphome dashboard editor again.

Can’t tell really, I can only suspect you (or windows) messed something up.

I use esphome since over two years and not even one of my yamls disappeared (despite the ones I deleted :wink: )

thanks, I will look into it.
Just don’t know how to put things back without messing up HA, but we have always the backup!

You really only need to find the backups of your ESPHome YAML files and place them into /config/esphome/.
When done there is no need to restart ESPHome. Just go to the ESPHome menu item and maybe refresh your browser.

If your YAMLs are really old, you may get some warnings or even errors when you try to compile them with todays ESPHome. If this happens, read the warnings/erros. They should contain hints what has been changed and how to fix your YAML (i.e. the max length of node names has been reduced and some characters are deprecated now).

Thanks for your answer, when I have the time I will try this.