ESPHome Projects

Hello all,
I have a few esps laying around and would like to find something to do with them. I like ESPHome, but don’t really know what else to make, I know it has the huge list of things it can do on their webpage, but I was more looking to see what people are actually using and how. I currently am using ESPHome for my pressure sensors to track my cats’ eating, one with a ToF sensor to detect when my car is parked in the garage properly, and the last one is a connectivity sensor, that simply tells HA to open and close the garage based on if my car is on or in range.
So, what are you all doing with them? I’m looking for a cool project.

I’m using mine for presence detection sensors based on ld2410b and I added some bh1750 light sensors on it. Presence sensor should have light component. If it doesn’t well than its basically useless for controlling lights.

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The possibilities are endless. I use them for simple sensors, they control a bunch of lighting in my house. All of my landscape lighting/tree lights are controlled by an esp board. I have an 8 zone irrigation controller made from an esp and another esp tracks my water usage with a flow meter. I put BT beacons on pets, keychains, etc to track them in the house or to notify me if a pet escapes the house. Several fans are controlled by one. An esp monitors the temp under my house as well as a temp probe attatched to annoying water lines that tend to freeze. If freezing is possible, that same esp toggles a relay that turns on a 50’ heat tape thats wrapped on my water lines. An esp controls servos so i can rotate my cameras and an esp tells me if someone pushes my door belll. I have a bunch more but the point is you can use them for anything really. Your only limited by your imagination and your willingness.

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A little hidden but if you look closely you will find a DIY and cookbook section with practical projects on Also is not limited to “ready made products” nowadays…

One esp with a 4 buttons touch panel on the edge of my desk for triggering daily routines.
One esp control a servo for controlling a reflex camera manual focus lens, used as meeting webcam.
One esp with IR controls a vent machine.
One esp controls a Denon receiver through RS-232 (but receiver’s serial doesn’t work properly).
One esp controls a red laser pointer with pan-tilt servos to act as laser-scanning anti-theft system on my terrace… for fun!

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  • “hub” for all 433mhz remote controlled plugs (lights and the amp)
  • epaper info display in the hallway, for weather and indoor climate data, with a temp/humidity sensor and a co2 sensor connected, a warning led when the indoor air quality drops too far, and 5 pushbuttons for light controls
  • power and gas meter reading
  • plant terrarium, light control and temperature/humidity merering
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Solar Hot Water controller & display.

12V DC Distribution Panel

Garage door controller


I am gonna have to look into the laser one at the end. This is very intriguing.

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I am in the process of building a home with a detached workshop. The home exterior and the workshop exterior are both brick. I’m trying to find ways to make sure HA is able to monitor shop lighting and door locks (just a couple examples). I don’t know for sure but I’m thinking neither zigbee or z wave are going to help me. I’m curious and would like to learn more about how lights can be controlled using esphome. What are you sensing in order to determine if the lights are on or off? Thanks.

A esphome switch/relay/fet is sufficient.

Is there a schematic or something you could point me to? The shop lighting
is mains power passing through a switch and then on to the overhead lights.