ESPhome re-discovers renamed device

So, after renaming auto-discovered devices like instructed here Renaming yaml/name - #2 by DeadEnd , ESPhome “discovers” the same device again but when I try to adopt it, I get an error saying “failed to import device”

(I used to make the ESP32 discoverable)

you can see, I renamed it from esphome-web-61c67c to ble-eg and as soon as I do that, esphome-web-61c67c shows up as discovered again…

How do I get rid of this wrongly discovered device?


I have exactly the same problem… Is there a solution for this?

After the recent update the duplicate, “discovered” devices were gone … however, after adding a new one the same way (make it discoverable with, add it and rename it like in the link I posted), there is once again a “discovered” duplicate …

so, no - unfortunately I have no solution for now :frowning:

Thanks!!! I just update the esphome to the latest version and the duplicate device disappeared. will see if it might appear again

Did this bug come back in the latest version (2022.3.1) as I’ m now seeing esphome wanting to adopt a renamed device.

After updating, the redundant entries are gone - I don’t have any new devices right now, so I can’t test if it happens again - however, last time the same thing hapened after discovering a new device after an update ESPhome re-discovers renamed device - #3 by Farnsworth

Having this issue now with 2022.9(.1).
Didn’t go away after updating from 2022.9.0 to 2022.9.1.

I didn’t pay too much attention to these no-existing discovered devices lately, but they seem to just disapear after some time by theirselves.
So I would suggest to just ignore them - they should be gone after a couple of days (no idea when, how or why though)

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