ESPHome RF Reciever and Transmitter Issue after testing with Arduino Uno and RC-Switch Library


I recently picked up a 315Mhz transmitter and receiver. To verify they worked I set them up using an Arduino Uno and the rc-switch library. Both the transmitter and receiver worked really well from both ends of my house using the example scripts from the rc-switch library.

I then set them up with a D1 Mini and ESPHome… and I couldn’t receive a signal unless the remote was extremely close to the antenna (1-2cm away). I have set it up so the receiver so it ran off the D1 Mini and off an independent 5v power supply.

I bought the “LR33B 315MHz ASK Superheterodyne RF Module Wireless Remote Control Receiver Module” from BangGood.

**As a side note: I have a 433Mhz module setup that works fine!

Thank you for any suggestions you can give me.