ESPHome servo slow to the intial position?

How can I optimize my code to make my servo slow to the intial position when restarting the ESP?

  - platform: ledc
    id: pwm_servo
    pin: GPIO26
    frequency: "50Hz"

  - id: louis_led_servo
    output: pwm_servo
    transition_length: 10.0s

  - platform: template
    name: "Servo Control"
    initial_value: 0
    max_value: 100
    step: 1
    optimistic: true
        - servo.write:
            id: louis_led_servo
            level: !lambda 'return x / 100.0;'

Not so clear what you are looking for…


After restarting the ESP32, the servo returns to a home position very quickly. However, I want it to return to the home position very slowly and not jerkily. Then the servo moves to the positions again at the correct speed with the option “transition_length: 10s”.

Is it necessary to move to “home position”?

Many servos (with an absolute servo motor) will go to its start position at power up, and you can’t set the transition speed of that, unfortunately.

Best you can do, in those circumstances, is to set the restore: true option, and leave it at that.

Something in on_boot with high priority can have any effect?

Not if the servo goes to the start position as soon as it gets power.

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Which servo are we talking about here? Link? Is this all the config that deals with the servo?