ESPHome: Shelly Pro 1PM supported?


Anyone know if the Shelly Pro 1PM is supported ? The Shelly Pro 1 is but i can’t find any information about the 1PM.

Thank you

Is there any reason you want to use ESPHome on the Shelly 1 PM?

It works exceptionally well locally with the HA Shelly integration.

1/ I don’t use HA. I use a custom interface in React and some piece of Python.
2/ I don’t want to have a device i don’t don’t fully control with mqtt access

But i love esphome, it make complex automations very simple !

By the way i have directly ask shelly cloud if the Pro 1PM is esp32 based, I wait for an answer. i will keep you inform

Yes, AFAIK all shellys will work with esphome.

I use a lot of them with esphome.

Another reason for me is to add “extra options” and extra actions in the device I could not do with the native firmware.

Hi, answer me and confirm it’s ESP based. So i have ordered one to investigate.
It’s esp based with the same chip as the Shelly Pro 1, and most of the board look like the same.
I taked pictures of the pcb and post them on this github:

Now i have to figure out how the ADE7953 power meter component is connected.
But i don’t now where to start.
If anyone could help me ?

I was going to ask why you are on the Home Assistant Forum then but…

I guess we do that now too. So fair enough.

Download the datasheet and start tracing pins back to the ESP module

Pins 22 (IRQ), 26 (SDA) and 27 (SCL) of the ADE7953 are the only ones you have to trace to the ESP GPIOs.

Hi Nicolas,
may I kindly ask you to keep us updated on your progress?

I have a project in my mind where I’d like to use a SHELLY PRO 1 PM with ESPHOME so I’m very interested in your results!

Thanks in advance and continuous good luck :wink:

I would start with this:

I will dig this. Thanks.

Of course, i will share all my progress.

Thank you, i already contact the guy behind the Shelly Pro 1 support. He is working on the Shelly Pro 1PM too.

By the way, i also directly contacted shelly support, who knows maybe they will simply share the pinout with us.

Hi :wave:

I’m currently trying to setup my Shelly Pro 1PM with esphome. My “usual” way (as done with Shelly Plug S) does not seem to work.

Did you make any further progress with this? Or are “we” currently stuck with the stock firmware?

Any update would be appreciated !

have a nice day,


I recently bought a Shelly Pro 1PM, any updates to use energy monitoring with esphome ?

I’m currently using Tasmota for having energy monitoring and ready to migrate to esphome. So I hope the ADE7953 chip on SPI will be implemented soon.


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Is there any progress on this?

I’ve got a Shelly that I would like to flash with ESPHome.