Esphome source

Hi! I’m running Esphome on a Pi3 and would like to know if there are source somewhere i can look at on the nodes I have compiled.

That doesn’t tell us much, but for HAOS using the ESPHome add-on, for a node called “office” for example, the generated source code is in:


I run HAOS 10.3 and core 2024.1.2.
There is notning more than the yaml files for every node i have created.

Hmm you may be right - I have all the source files but their creation date is over 12 months ago. Obviously something changed…

Do you have a “.esphome/build” folder? That’s where I have the generated source, platform-IO configuration, …
However I have installed esphome on a separate server , I’m not using the AddOn

No such folder exist

Are you wanting the .bin files

No. I am looking for the source files,