Esphome started to complain on my setting file

Its been working good for a while, but with some recent update to esphome, it started to complain about having same pin used for multiple things.

It is running and working fine…

Pin 13 is used in multiple places.


  • id: ‘psu_atx_seasonic’
    number: D7
    inverted: true


  • platform: gpio
    pin: D7
    id: ‘atx1’
    inverted: true
    power_supply: psu_atx_seasonic


  • platform: output
    name: “PS On”
    restore_mode: RESTORE_DEFAULT_OFF
    output: ‘atx1’

Please read the changelog before updating:

So i have to figure out manually if a pin can/have to be used multiple times for these circumstances? Is it stated for each related thing that possibly need to have it setup like this?