ESPHome - Startup advice?

I am new to HA but I’m OK with coding for Arduino. I have HAOS running on a MacMini as my server and it’s running perfectly.

I have ESPHome installed and I connect and initialise ESP32 boards without a problem.

Where would be the best place to start with learning how to create my own projects? I would like to start with something like Temp/Humidity sensor on an ESP32.

All help appreciated.

DIY- That’s how 90% of us started.
Here is a good place to start.
But, really, just Google “esphome ‘your device’” and there will be hundreds of projects.

Be careful. Home Assistant can be a rabbit hole that takes over your life. I am now fully hooked and have over a hundred devices around my home, six servers in my basement (admittedly only three are exclusively for Home Assistant). I have Alexa in every room and practically every light in the house is controllable from my Home Assistant. (Switches, actually because I eschew “smart bulbs”).

My go-to board is the Wemos D1 Mini, but thinking about buying some ESP32 development boards. I have a few sensors that use the ESP-01, more than a dozen on the Wemos D1 mini and a couple on the ESP32.

Forget your Arduino programming. Everything in the Home Assistant world is Python-based and relies heavily on YAML configuration files. That said, I have some displays scattered about the house that run Arduino C++ and get their data from Home Assistant via MQTT.

Don’t forget Home Assistant’s closest cousin- Node Red. And after building some ESP projects you will need a 3D printer to make then “wife acceptable”.

I hope I’ve answered your question and tactfully gave you the last opportunity to run. Run away. Otherwise, welcome to the community.


What an awesome answer! Thank’s. I’m a gadget junkie so HA is just a new drug. I’ll check-out the resource you sent me.