Esphome stepper motor question


I have the following setup:

TB6600 (but specified as a4988 in the esphome config) driver connected to pins on an ESP8266 as follows:

    dir_pin: D4
    step_pin: D3
    sleep_pin: D5

It’s working but the motor gets hot because it’s not being put to sleep - I have d5 connected to the TB6600 on ENA+ and gnd from the esp8266 connected to the ENA- port on the TB6600.

If I leave the esp8266 connected to the ENA-/+ ports - the motor is unlocked - aka - no power - but the up/down commands do not work then. But if I disconnect the ENA- or ENA+ from the ESP8266, then up/down works - but the motor power never gets cut, so it gets hot.

I’m puzzled as to why this would be or if I need to re-wire diffrently since the esphome setup expects a a4988 instead of the TB6600 - though various reports say it’s ok to use the TB6600 in place of the a4988.

Any ideas/thoughts? If I have left out info that is needed, let me know - will get it.

Wiring Diagram:

Did you ever find a solution to this?

I need to switch from the a4988 to the TB6600 for the extra amperage.

So sorry I missed this - I did not ever find a solution. Sorry!