ESPHOME (Tasmota, Tuya, whatever) Compatible outdoor color LED Lights?

Once upon a time there were quite a few of these, e.g. Novostella, that you could flash and end up with ESPHOME firmware. The manufacturers started changing them…

Does anyone know of any outdoor floodlights (color, LED) that can be flashed OTA for ESPHOME (via tasmota or tuya convert or whatever)?

I’ve made a bunch of indoor ones with RGB strips but not up to doing that for outdoor, waterproof, higher power setups.

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Not sure what light fittings you are using but I’m using GU10s in my outdoor fittings. I originally used ZigBee osram but they were unreliable. I now have ESPHOME flashed onto Shelly GU10s and they work great. Note the bulbs are long than normal and I had to 3d print some extensions to my lights to get them to fit.

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Those are for bulbs in a fixture I think. I’m hoping to for self contained floodlights, like the 60w like these:

Basically something you can just stick on/in the ground and plug in, then control via wifi.

I’ve had a few sets of these in my garden for the last year or more. The harsh Aussie sun (and winter rain) hasn’t killed them yet. They are great. Flashed with ESPhome using Tuya-Convert.

I wonder if there is any way to know if they are among the ones changed. Apparently a lot of these generally (probably sourced from one company at the end of the food chain) changed how they flash and broke tuya convert.

Anyone used these in the last few months?

What do you think about Novostella 100W LED floodlight? It’s IP66 waterproof and has high power of 100W.

As mentioned, postings in reddit and elsewhere indicate Novostella changed the hardware or firmware so that it cannot be converted.

Just google “novostella tuya convert not possible” and you’ll get a bunch of links about it since late 2020. Unless you are certain that model in recent months DOES work? (Though frankly 100w is a bit more than I had in mind, though I guess it could dim).

This device looks great, but i do not know if that can be flashed with ESPHOME.

How’d you get that flashed mate? The wifi module is completely sealed and no screws visible?

Back in the good old days of Tuya-Convert