ESPHome to gather data from a third party LCD display

Let me explain a bit.
I own an swimming pool equipment with pump and sensors. Maker don’t provide any supporter interface as an input or an output with its device.
Consequently, I thought I could read the device LCD display (2 lines x 16 char) and sending to HA as a sensor!
That would mean steeing a up a man in the middle connector (16 pin) that would process the data. Here is the picture attached.
Afficheur LED Bio UV
Any hint in making this possible?

Your man in the middle idea means you need to reverse the signals, something I assume the original library won’t be able to do.
I think your beat option is to use OCR.
Or perhaps try and measure whatever the display says by your own

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If the LCD display cannot be connected at the same time with 2 different devices, it would be difficult to interact. Are there recommended sensors that could support in reading “values” from an hardware?

We don’t know.
We have no clue what the display displays or what you expect to read from it.

Look into taking a picture and do some OCR on it.
I know there are ESPHome projects that do exactly that.