Esphome - update all selected button

RE: ESPHome Devices

When updating multiple devices it would be nice to be able to select the devices you would like (tick box) to be updated and click a (one) button and it will start the update of all selected devices. Just like the “update All” button but it will only update the devices you selected.

This way it would be easer/faster to update the devices you would like and not the ones you don’t want updated in one click. You then can just walk away and let it do it’s updates.

At the moment if you have a group of devices to update and only one (or a few) device you don’t want updated then each one has to be individually updated manually, wait for the update of that device, when done then update the next device manually and so on. You can’t use the “Update All” button.

This takes a lot of time.

The update may be software related or a change in code for a group of devices that all work the same, ether way I am sure this extra feature would be very useful to everyone and would save us all a lot of time.

If you think this would be useful please hit the vote button at the top.

Thanks everyone

Good FR but ESPHome FRs should be made here: