ESPHome: "Update All Updateable" instead of/additional to "Update ALL"

On the ESPHome screen there is the “Update ALL” button which usually will not succeed to the end of my device list. I do have ESPHome 82 devices in my list.
An alternative “Update all Updateable” which would only update the devices where there is an update available would be a nice thing for the future.

Yes - at the least. Better still a flag that says “never update this device”. Or both :slight_smile:

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The ESPHome feature request tracker has a number of requests like this, here are a few:

Use the thumbs up option on these posts to show your support.

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Yeah I was aware of a couple of those. @KlausNZ the same as me was probably just annoyed by having to do it 5 times this month. :smiley:

Sorry, I wasn’t aware of those, but I’m guilty of not really have searched.
But because of the missing functionality my last updated was 2022.12.3!

@KlausNZ how comes?

I mean, I have just two Xiaomi AirPurifiers with custom ESPHome firmware and love the idea to have the firmware updated on a regular base and have security patches included.

What I would love on the other hand is to have the firmware build triggered automatically (with an automation?) so when I am going to update the firmware vía the UI it is just the deployment of the already built firmware. Unfortunately the ESPHome Add-On has only one sensor that indicates if there’s an update of ESPHome itself available and nothing more on my HA instance…

(Or have the build offloaded to another machine… I’ve got a build server that is much more capable (than the machine home assistant is running on) and already running, but that’s probably an edge-case for ESPHome users)

I don’t see the point of updating esp’s regularly…i use “don’t fix if it ain’t broken” system, so “update all” or similar could be even removed if you’d ask me… esp modules aren’t connected to outside world so they are not prone to security bugs, and if they work, why update and risk to be broken with some new “breaking” function which, possibly, i don’t even use? I’ll deal with that when/if i need to change some things on old esp.
First thing i do on a new esp module is disable new firmware notification sensor.

But, @HappilyOffensive:can you explain what “custom esphome” do you use on xiaomi?

Well, they’re not directly connected, but still are active network devices (with wifi)… But I get your point - when the network is segmented properly (and no internet-content is fetched) they should be relatively safe (or vulnerabilities can be mitigated with proper firewall rules, etc.) assuming there are no bad actors in your network already :laughing:

For my Xiaomi Air Purifiers I am using the following: GitHub - jaromeyer/mipurifier-esphome: ESPHome for the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (and similar devices using the same protocol)
It is a bit fiddely to set up at first but for me it was worth the effort to have Xiaomi software removed.


how comes?

I had bad experiences with the number of devices I run (mainly ESP01s boards) that device and entity registry got corrupted having double and triple entries.
So I do a full backup before, pray a bit and have a go…

And yes, don’t fix a runing system is always a good idea.

This is a great thread! I’d like to explicitly thank tom_l for organizing all the github feature-requests so I could easily add my thumbs up to the ones I aligned with.