ESPHome voice assistant / M5Stack Atom Echo Development Kit: disable audio feedback

Hi everybody,

I am using an M5Stack Atom Echo Development Kit with ESPHome as voice assistant.

Took a look at the configuration file that automatically gets installed when flashing via But I couldn’t find anything relevant there…

So is it possible to disable the default audio feedback when doing something?

As described here, audio feedback is very buggy. A sentence that would usually take 1-2 seconds (for example, German, “Schwenker ausgeschaltet”), it takes about 10-15 seconds, because something is wrong.

I can’t tell if the audio file is being played too loudly, thus freaking out the speaker. Or if there is some hidden setting to make the speaker actually work. But I do know that I have tried this with four different M5Stack Atom Echo devices – and this happens with each and every one. So I doubt it is a hardware problem.

While I would ideally fix this issue, I’d go with disabling the spoken feedback for now, if that would work.

What’s really annoying about this: while this is happening (buggy audio feedback), the binary_sensor.m5stack_atom_echo_23b368_assist_in_progress stays on, so until this awful audio response has finally played, it is impossible to give another audio command.

Perhaps it’d be possible to play a beep instead, or just nothing. But the audio feedback taking ages to play makes this a very unpleasant experience.

Thanks in advance for your ideas :slight_smile:

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