ESPHome Voice Satellite (Voice Assistant) on a ESP32

A voice satellite for Voice Assistant. The project is on GitHub:

YAML code for ESPHome on a ESP32. For making a unit with microphone and speaker to use with Home Assistant: Voice Assistant.

  • It has support for addressable LED-strip.
  • 5 buttons for interactions.
  • It has audio sounds for key-click and ‘Listening’ start/end.

I have addressed the issue with voice assistant programs like this sometime locks up. It happens when the recorded sound has no recognisable speach in it. And thus it doesn’t feel the need to reply. Which would normally be followed by an on_stt_vad_end event. Instead it send out an error: ‘stt-no-text-recognized’.


Thanks for the share, very nice designe :+1:

I strongly agree. Nice features, well-documented YAML code for ESPHome Voice Assistant! WELL DONE!!

@Djelle Do you plan to share the 3D design of the case ? or do you have some references where it can be found ? :wink:

Portable Bluetooth Speaker Fabric Devia EM502 3W Kintone Greyφορητό-ηχείο-bluetooth-fabric-devia-em502-3w-kintone-series-γκρι.html

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