Esphome warning on D1 Mini. Not discovered in HA

Can someone please let me know how to fix this warning? The following 4 lines keep on repeating over and over and the device is not discoverable in HA. Thanks for your help!

[19:14:56][D][api:102]: Accepted  <--This is the IP of my HA
[19:14:56][V][api.connection:808]: Hello from client: 'Home Assistant 2022.2.9 ('
[19:14:56][W][api.connection:083]: Home Assistant 2022.2.9 ( Connection closed
[19:14:56][V][api:114]: Removing connection to Home Assistant 2022.2.9 (

Backup the ESPHome YAML configuration file for the D1 Mini device.

Go to HA / Configuration / Integrations.
Find the device in the ESPHome integration, and remove it.
Restart Home Assistant.
It should be discovered properly upon restart.

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Thank you so much! I have been chasing this for a month. I have read so many post and you had the answer in 4 or 5 lines!

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